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We all know that this is the most important event in your life. That’s why we do all our best to ensure that during our weddings there will be nothing lacking. Rich, delicious menu is adjusted specifically to your taste and budget possibilities. Together we will choose the musical setting. We will suggest how to best accommodate guests and we will provide perfectly trained service. Additionally we will fill you up with a solid portion of encouragement and enthusiasm. Intimate, warm climate of the Black Room, which can accommodate to 60 people, will make the wedding memories remain with you for the whole life. Without folksiness and puffiness, with smile and openness we will organise with you the real cultural wedding reception on the highest level!

For guests we predicted accommodation in comfortable rooms and suites.

The price of a wedding starts from PLN 180 per person.

Children up to 6 from PLN 90.

The price includes:

  • room rental – per hour 4,00
  • room for the bride and groom in our Hotel
  • wedding services
  • cold appetizers for the orchestra and cameraman
  • Menu - Wedding
  • Welcome by parents of the bride and groom with bread and salt
  • A glass of sparkling wine to welcome the bride and groom and the guests


  • Chicken noodle soup served in bowls

Meals served on platters, filled with blanched vegetables:

  • Chicken roulade Server with spinach-cheese filling
  • Roulade with mountain cheese
  • Scallops in wild mushrooms sauce
  • Dumplings
  • Potatoes with dill
  • Baked potato quarters
  • Spring salad
  • White cabbage salad
  • Cold beetroot with onions


  • Ice cream with fruit and whipped cream according to the order 5 PLN –extra charge

Cold snacks, served throughout the event:

  • Cold snacks, served throughout the event:
  • Cornets of smoked salmon with delicate horseradish cream
  • Traditional Polish pate with cranberry sauce and marinated mushrooms
  • Platters of quality meat decorated with pickles
  • Roast pork with herbs and prunes
  • Devilish roast pork neck
  • Roulade of a=bacon with apricots
  • Chicken legs in curlers – can be served as an additional warm dish – to be determined
  • Salads: vegetable, Greek
  • Capri salad with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil
  • Cheeses garnished with grapes and walnuts
  • Stuffed eggs
  • Cones of ham with Jewish salad
  • Herrings in cream and in oil with onions
  • Beetroot, horseradish, baskets of fresh bread

About 23.30-23.45

  • CAKE (provided by guests, served from the trolley)
  • Coffee, tea (without limitations throughout the reception)
  • Cake and pastries provided by you (cakes and fruit in the sweet-fruity buffet)

About 1.30-2.00

  • Borsch with croquettes or e.g. poultry stroganoff with mushrooms and onions in white
  • Bigos on red wine with white sausage


  • Fruit juices, water without limitations, served in jugs

Cakes, fruit, you can provide it on your own

Wyborowa or Sobieski vodka for 25 PLN per 1 bottle 0,5l

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